Saturday, 3 January 2009

MMA in December

Here is the first of a series of videos showing the best MMA action from each month. We start with the month of December which featured titles fights and huge upsets along with some fantastic KO's and submissions (mostly KO's this month it would seem). Enjoy.

Please leave any suggestions for future videos you'd like to see in the comments section.


Dan said...

Dude, I am loving your videos!!


Robert said...

Dude, how the fudge can I get the embed to my site???

Anonymous said...

Nice man.. hope you keep hem comin!!!!

Facey said...

Glad people are liking the videos. Feel free to embed the video just throw a link back to my site or add me to your blogroll. Thanks

Quite long but here it is:
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Nathan said...

Love the monthly summary. Hope you do 12 of them in '09.

Aaron said...

That was fantastic. I hope to see more.

Cornu said...

This is a very cool movie! Nice compilation, good music but... the quality of this movie sux arse.

Maybe you should upload them on Youtube since they allow HD format too now?

anyway, very good job, I really hope you keep up the good work!


John said...

Nice Work

Anonymous said...

Great summary, very well done. I'll be recommending this to all my fellow fight fans. Thanks

CMH in Gainesville said...

SWEET VIDS! Hope you can keep it up you've already set the bar pretty high

Robert said...

Hey Facey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I did the same to you, can't wait to see what other videos you come up. WAR!

Anonymous said...

what's the song? it's frigging awesome and perfect!

Facey said...

The song is "Fish out of water" by One Minute Silence. Remember to leave suggestions for other videos you'd like to see. Thanks guys

Liam said...

Loving your work Facey! Would love to see a preview/review blog entry each month - I struggle to keep up with all the events!

Drew said...

great vids!! I tried to used the embed code you left, but it wasn't working... could be my fault.

I will be posting a link to your blog too cheers.