Friday, 3 April 2009

MMA in March

I'm sure you guys know what the deal is by now, the best MMA action from the month scaled down into one easy to watch video. No shortage of knockouts and sweet submissions as usual but in the words of the Barn Cat, "Did you expect anything less!?".

So enjoy and please leave any comments/suggestions in the comments section. I am off to look at sewing machines for my mums birthday! Great.


Facey said...

I'm happy for anybody to use this video, all i ask is that you send a link back my way, thanks.

Embed code:

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Arthur said...

amazing work, thanks for continuing to put these together. i send the links to all my buddies.

Carl said...

facey, is there any place or anyway you could host the files somewhere where we could download them ? i love the videos you make

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, I watch your videos on cage potato, keep up the good work, love the Rage soundtrack.

Facey said...

Thanks Carl, i'm looking into it but in the mean time give this a try

Carl said...

facey, you make these videos right ? can't you just upload the avi to mediafire or sendspace ?

i tried both of those techniques, the temporary file doesn't have it in proper format, you can't play it in the os you need to use the browser, the greasemoney script downloads a 16kb swf, which is also useless

Facey said...

Here you go Carl

Carl said...

thanks so much man, your videos are sick

because of this video i downloaded the song which i also loved